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   GW Micro's Window-Eyes

Screen Reader

GW Micro's Window-Eyes provides blind users access to Windows based computers by speaking the contents of the computer's screen.  All applications, word processors, Internet, email are available to the blind user.

Window-Eyes gives you  TOTAL control over what you hear, when you hear it, and how you hear it.


  •  Compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 7
  •  Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
  • Compatibility with many popular voice synthesizers
  • Full support for video attributes and all video systems
  • Easy access to the Windows system tray
  • Automatically labels many application's graphics
  • Unparalleled stability and responsiveness
  • A WE cursor for reviewing the screen without disturbing the caret or mouse pointer
  • No need to learn or use macros or a scripting language
  • Easy-to-use drop-down menu system for control and setup
  • User-assignable hot keys for operating Window-Eyes on the fly
  • Forty-six user-definable cursor-tracking keys
  • Advanced light-bar tracking with intelligent automatic mode allowing easy access to menus, buttons, icons, and more.
  • Exception dictionaries for altering the way words, graphics, key-labels, characters, and mouse pointers are pronounced
  • Automatic loading of speaking environments and dictionaries
    A wide variety of features for automatic reading of menus, dialog boxes, and other Windows activities
  • Audible signals to alert you to capitalization and format changes when proof reading
  • A read-to-end feature for reading nonstop from the beginning to the end of a document Standard look, feel, and intuitive operations of the Windows environment
  • An easy-to-use Window-Eyes User's Guide, presented in a tutorial format


  • Keyboard commands for moving the mouse pointer without having to use a physical mouse
  • Automatically reads information under the mouse as it is moved
  • Full mouse movement and clicking support from the keyboard
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Mouse pointer dictionary

    50 Standard windows

  • Fifty simultaneous Window-Eyes windows for reading user specified areas of the screen
  • Self-adjusting windows to read screen information in moving areas of the screen or for compensating for the resizing of windows
  • Windows can be either Neutral, Speak, Silent or Float
  • Any of the first ten windows can be read with a single keystroke
  • Each window can be chained, setup to speak and spell, associated with a specific color and much more

    26 Hyperactive Windows

  • Hyperactive windows allow you to monitor screen areas for certain occurrences. You can monitor for: any change, contains attribute, does not contain attribute, contains string, does not contain string, contains caret, does not contain caret, contains focus, or does not contain focus.
  • Once triggered, you can execute any three of seven options: speak any window, speak specified message, speak light bar, activate any window, load a new voice environment, execute any hot key, or beep.

    Voice Configuration

  • Set up the speech rate, pitch, tone, volume and punctuation independently for screen, keyboard, and mouse
  • Has capitalization alert and Format alert
  • Keyboard can voice characters or words
  • Numbers can be spoken as digits or full numbers
  • Includes a word exception dictionary for mispronounced words
  • Features a character dictionary to define exactly how to pronounce a character
  • A key label dictionary can be used to define any key press
  • Includes a graphic dictionary
  • Allows speech to be interrupted or silenced with the press of a key

    Hot keys

  • These are Window-Eyes commands only. The underlying applications program will    not be disturbed with these keystrokes.
  • Over 150 assignable hot key speech features
  • Hot keys to read previous, current and next for character, word, line, sentence, and paragraph
  • Extensive mouse manipulation
  • Hot key to read to end of document
  • Hot key to read the date and time
  • Bypass hot key which allows the next Window-Eyes command to be ignored so the underling application can receive the keystroke
  • Each hot key can easily be assigned the keystroke of your choice
  • Hot keys which are of no interest can be undefined

    Cursoring keys

  • These are applications keys. You simply tell Window-Eyes what you want voiced after the application acts on the command. Your choices are: prior char before, prior char after, char before, char after, next char, previous word, word, next word, prior line, line, next line, sentence, paragraph, to end of line, light bar, marked text, caret position, field data and/or name, title/status, speak window, activate window, mouse top left, load set, or ignore speak windows.

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