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SenseView Duo

The SenseView Duo combines a distance camera and a close-up & handwriting camera in one device. You no longer have to carry different magnifiers with you. Use the SenseView Duo at home, school, while shopping, or out on the town.

Imagine being able to read a whiteboard in the classroom, a restaurant menu, a pill bottle, write a check, sign a credit card receipt, read the signs above the aisle in the grocery store all with one device! The SenseView Duo is the first of its kind to provide both distance viewing and close-up viewing in a compact device.

Use the SenseView Duo to write checks, sign credit card receipts and more with the built-in handwriting camera

View objects in the distance such as street signs, classroom chalk boards, or billboards

The SenseView Duo includes a close-up camera for reading and handwriting, in addition to a distance camera for objects that are 8 feet or further away.

Store up to 20 images

Magnification from Minimum of 3x to maximum of 13x

Camera light can be turned off for lighted objects such as ATM and computer screens

Menu and panning key to manage pictures, sound, and more

Pan around images for easy viewing, including pictures you have stored in memory

Detailed specs

  • LCD: 4.3" diagonal wide WQVGA TFT LCD (16:10)
  • Magnification: 3x~13x (close-up camera)
  • Image capacity: capture and store up to 20 pictures
  • Color modes: full color, enhanced color (close-up camera only), black/white, white/black, yellow/blue, yellow/black, blue/white
  • Brightness: 4 brightness levels
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Battery Indicator Icon
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer (rechargeable)
    • Up to 4.5 hours continuous use
    • Recharge time: 3 hours
  • Size: 7" (W) X 3" (D) X 1.1" (H), 17.8cm (W) X 7.8cm (D) X 2.8cm (H)
  • Weight: 0.57lbs, 261g
  • Warranty:
    • Unit: One year
    • Battery: Three months

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