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 NanoPac Presents Dragon System's



The World's first continuous, large vocabulary, general purpose, dictation product.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking continuous speech recognition product became the first product to ever win the "Grand Slam" of major awards given at COMDEX.

Outstanding for physicians, attorneys, writers, anyone who wants to just talk naturally to their computer or eliminate the hassles of transcription.

Choose from NaturallySpeaking Professional, NaturallySpeaking Medical, NaturallySpeaking Legal.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking is so impressive it won BYTE Magazine's Best of Show award at COMDEX/Spring and COMDEX/Fall 1997. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was not only Best in it's category but Dragon NaturallySpeaking won Best of Show for all categories including hardware and software!  It continues win award after award and now has more than 100 awards.

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NatturallySpeaking Image More on "Speaking is the Natural Alternative"

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® is the award winning and critically acclaimed product family from Dragon Systems. Its high accuracy, fast performance and extensive vocabulary give you outstanding recognition for your toughest dictation projects.

Simple to Use

Just speak to your computer naturally--without pausing between words--and watch as sentences appear on your screen. Dictate entire paragraphs at a time. Compose e-mail messages, create reports, draft letters, and edit proposals just by speaking.

You'll find Dragon NaturallySpeaking Personal and Deluxe Edition to be faster and more natural than typing.

Suited for Everyone

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Personal and Deluxe Edition are the natural way to input text. Almost anyone--business professionals, writers and journalists, nontypists, telecommuters, and employees of small offices--can find themselves quickly creating documents and reports with ease and accuracy. Your words are spelled correctly every time.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition

Ideal for the business and corporate customer, the Professional Edition includes all the features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking plus feature enhancements. New features include macros, multiple user and topic configurations, increased active vocabulary sizes, text-to-speech capabilities and integration with DragonDictate® software which allows for complete hands-free operation of a PC.

Powerful Speech Capabilities

Hidden behind the simplicity of Dragon NaturallySpeaking's user interface are breakthroughs in speech recognition capabilities.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking's advanced features include:

True Continuous Speech - Speak to your computer naturally and at a normal pace--without pausing between words. Your spoken words swiftly appear on your computer screen.

High Recognition Accuracy - Concentrate on your work, not on corrections, and get more done. PC Week's lab "found recognition accuracy to be in the 95 percent or higher range." 

Large Vocabulary - The large 230,000+ word total vocabulary recognizes most of the words people use everyday. Add new words quickly with the revolutionary Vocabulary Builder. It automatically finds and adds unique words from documents on your hard drive. You can also add new words by saying and spelling them once.

Natural Spelling - If you ever need to spell a word, just spell it using the names of the letters of the alphabet. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, "a" means "a" and "b" means "b". You do not need to learn a special name for each letter.

Select-and-Say Editing and Correction - Correct and edit anytime--as you go, or postpone it until later. It's ideal for people who prefer to concentrate on their thoughts, instead of the PC screen as they dictate. Just say "select" followed by the word or phrase you want to change. Then replace the selected text by saying a new word or phrase. You can even adjust the format by saying words like "bold that." It's that simple.

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Usability Features





Microphone included Yes Yes Yes
Short set-up and user enrollment Yes Yes Yes
Dictate into most Microsoft® Windows®-based applications Yes Yes Yes
Control menus and dialog boxes in most Microsoft® Windows® XP & Windows® 2000-based applications by voice Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous dictation and command modes Yes Yes Yes
Format and edit by voice Yes Yes Yes
Mouse control by voice Yes Yes Yes
Nothing But Speech (NBS)™ Natural Punctuation Yes Yes Yes
USB audio support Yes Yes Yes
Performance Optimizer Yes Yes Yes
Natural Punctuation Yes Yes Yes
Say Web and browser links by voice Yes Yes Yes
Award-Winning RealSpeak™ 2 Text-to-Speech Yes Yes  
Dictation Playback Yes Yes  
Use with handheld digital recorder Yes Yes  
Dictate into Pocket PC or palmOne™ Tungsten Yes Yes  
Support for cordless or array microphones Yes    
Save audio with text dictation Yes    
Third-Party Correction Yes    
Roaming User Yes    
Smart Formatting Yes    
Smart Commands Yes    
Create multiple custom vocabularies Yes    
Macro Creation Tools





Text and Graphics Dictation shortcuts Yes Yes  
Complex macro support Yes    
Macro recorder Yes    
Basic scripting commands Yes    
Advanced Microsoft® VBA-compatible scripting Yes    
Specialized Application Support





Internet Explorer 5, 6 Yes Yes Yes
AOL® 6, 7, 8 Yes Yes Yes
Word® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes Yes Yes
WordPerfect® 10, 11 Yes Yes Yes
Outlook® Express 5, 6 Yes Yes Yes
Excel 2000, XP, 2003 Yes Yes  
Outlook® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes    
PowerPoint® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes    
Lotus Notes® Yes    
InfoPath® Yes    
Enterprise Features





MSI Installer Yes Yes Yes
Import/export user files Yes Yes  
Roaming User Yes    
Import/export macros Yes    
Import/export vocabularies Yes    
Specialized vocabularies available for purchase Yes    
Network tools for centralized vocabulary management Yes    
Section 508 Certified Yes    


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