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Intellikeys Photo 3.jpg (23205 bytes)

IntelliKeys is an intelligent, alternative keyboard that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer. It’s an ideal solution for individuals who have difficulty using a standard keyboard.

Keys require very little effort and they provide a larger target area. Optionally, you can change the size of the keys to a very large target target and you can add a keyguard which helps individuals who might accidentally depress keys.

IntelliTools has created a keyboard that’s flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs. Unlike the keyboard on your computer, you can change the way IntelliKeys looks and functions by sliding in different overlays. To get you started, IntelliKeys comes with six standard overlays that are ready to use with any word processing program or software that has keyboard input.

Six Standard Overlays get you started
Standard overlays feature large, well-spaced keys in high contrast colors to make it easy  to locate letters and numbers. Each represents a different keyboard configuration to facilitate physical and cognitive access. IntelliKeys Small.jpg (58762 bytes)

Customize settings
A special set-up overlay allows you to customize settings such as the response or repeat rate to greatly ease access for individuals who tend to press unwanted keys or keep their finger on a key too long.

Easy to use Switch Interface
IntelliKeys is a convenient and flexible switch interface and works with a wide variety of switch software. It’s an ideal tool for integrating your switch user with IntelliKeys and mouse users.

Create Custom Activities
IntelliKeys becomes an even more powerful communication tool when you design your own curriculum activities and custom overlays using Overlay Maker, IntelliTalk, IntelliPics, and ClickIt! .

Use with Commercial Software for IntelliKeys
You can also use IntelliKeys with a growing number of commercial software programs made by IntelliTools and other publishers. These programs come with printed overlays that work automatically when you load the software.

- John Hopkins National Search for Computing to Benefit People with Disabilities
- Media and Methods Magazine Award of Merit
-100 Best Product Picks, Early Childhood News

IntelliKeys(Includes one cable. Specify cable from below)  

Mac-Apple cable IK-ADB $449
IBM-AT cable IK-AT $449
IBM-PS/2 cable IK-PS $449
IntelliKeys with three cables IK-CK $449


PS2 cable ps2.gif (972 bytes)     AT cableat.gif (1068 bytes)

Mac-Apple  CA-ADB $25
IBM PS/2 CA-PS $25

IMate USB to ADB Adapter
from Griffin Technology
                                      GT-IM $39                                       GT-IM $39

Now you can use your IntelliKeys with iMac. The iMate is the only device currently on the market that lets you connect your IntelliKeys to your new iMac computer. Software required to send custom overlays. Instructions included.

System Requirements
Works with any Macintosh model with a keyboard port (except Mac 512K and Mac Plus) including PowerBooks and Power Macs; all PC-compatible computers with a standard keyboard port including most laptops with a keyboard port. Use the iMate USB to ABD Adapter for Macintosh computers with USB ports. 

We accept VISA, MC, AMX, Discover, approved purchase orders and checks.
Sales - 1-800-580-6086